Well, yes, I try. This blog began life way back in 2006, albeit with peaks and troughs. Sheesh, that's 10 years ago! I've always loved playing with words. Once I even wrote a panto (it was pretty baaad). Essentially I'm an external processor, so writing helps me think and communicate. Over the last few years I've tried to focus THC a little bit (see below). The joy always comes from hearing that some of these musings and reflections have been an encouragement to others.


Hey, so I'm Robin and I'm married to Zoe. We've got one girl and two boys. We used to sleep. Zoe's a nomad and I'm a hoarder. Bad combo if ever there was one. Our guilty pleasure is Parks & Recreation. Amongst my greatest achievements I will happily list being in a band that got played on Chinese radio, becoming a dad, and being told I've got the dress-sense of an Oxfam model. If you want to win my heart, then slice me up an avocado and pour me a banana milkshake; I'm yours.


We're enjoying setting up home in the town of Barrow-in-Furness in south-western Cumbria, where we're involved in church-planting with the Church of England. Grace Church Barrow was started in October 2017, seeking to be a family-friendly gospel-centred church serving the part of the town in which we live. Come join us! As well as being the second biggest urban area in Cumbria, Barrow is also 'where the lakes meet the sea'. We love the vast sandy beaches and the fact that the spectacular Lake District is just a short drive away. There's also a killer bakehouse and a softplay with a children's submarine. Enough said.


We all need a focus and those are my three here. Gospel because the mind-blowing good news of Jesus Christ changes absolutely everything. Culture because I'm fascinated by why we do what we do and the values undergirding that. Planting because church-planting is the particular focus of our role here in Barrow, so I'm interested in learning and reflecting on my own practice.


Ok, an edited version: I'm a northern lad and Zoe's a TCK (Google it). For both of us, the most significant thing about our lives is that, in Jesus Christ we've encountered the God of grace (more on that here). Before moving to Barrow we enjoyed three years of theological training at Oak Hill College in London. For my MA I researched how the Bible interacts with contemporary perspectives on our bodies. Prior to that we served in Cheltenham in student & young adult ministry, and before that we met whilst under-going an internship at a city-centre church in London. And the rest is...