The 2017 Refill – What Got Read Most Here This Past Year

The end of one year and the start of another gives us all a chance to review, take stock and plot for the future. As a blogger one of the fun ways to do this is to see which posts end up being the most popular. To substitute for a fresh Refill this week (it’s been holidays!), here’s a quick round-up of the top 15 posts here at That Happy Certainty in 2017.

  1. A Thousand Kindnesses and About Seven Jokes: Giving Thanks for Mike Ovey
  2. Five Practical Tips for Loving New Parents At Church (Guest Post by Claudia Sear)
  3. The Question That Defeats Pro-Lifers? Here’s What I Think It Misses Out (Guest Post by Zoe Ham)
  4. Why Our Attempts At Solving Biblical Illiteracy Must Move Beyond Telling More Bible Stories
  5. Review of Life Explored
  6. ‘A Better Story’ by Glynn Harrison – A Review
  7. ‘This is Awesome Cutlery’ – A Review
  8. Why Me Too Has Helped Me To See
  9. Dealing with Disappointment: An Interview with John Hindley
  10. Where Was God When That Happened: An Interview with Christopher Ash
  11. Why Church-Planters Must Aim for Icebergs
  12. Beyond Bitter, Avoiding Numb: Responding to Suffering (Guest Post by Sarah Walton)
  13. After the Craziness of 2016, Here’s My Word of the Year for 2017
  14. “Because the Truth Rocks” – An Interview with Awesome Cutlery
  15. 365 Days with Rafa

And if you really want to overload on geekdom, you can also see previous years’ top posts from 20162015, 2014, or 2013.

Written by Robin Ham