The Return of Uno

One exam down, five more to go! The DSS paper wasn’t too bad, and whilst the ‘Doh! I could have written that’ feeling unsurprisingly emerged chatting to friends afterwards, I felt I managed to make some relevant points. Managed to get in my lecturer‘s opening remarks to his lecture series : “The Dead Sea Scrolls are the haunts of crackpots and nutters”. All my DSS notes have now been banished to The Bookshelf-Of-No-Return, and I even turned the iTunes up and had a little dance to celebrate.

I’d forgotten what continual writing for three hours felt like, but Elmo’s supply of Kendal Mint Cake kept energy levels high. It was great to have a revision-free evening, and play Uno with the housemates as Arsenal’s Champions League dream came to a sticky end.

Something to thing about…

“Forgiveness without the restoration of a relationship is not the gospel.”
John Piper
Written by Robin Ham