Wholesome talk…

Today was a good day for wholesome talk…

Talking with Rob and Tom kept grace at the core.
Talking with Benj reminded me that I don’t need to play by the rules.
Talking with Steve pointed me to the call for holiness in every area our lives, including transforming inside-out even our most miniscule ounces of selfishness.

I thank God for these blessings. I thank God too that he destined me to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. I belong to the day! Oh, for salvation!

Struck at Impact again by 1 Thessalonians 5.3 – “There is peace and security…”: the cry of most Durham students? Yet on it’s way is inescapable sudden destruction! Give me more of heart for those who walk in darkness and obliviousness and ignorance.

Also, had fun hanging out with Tom and a video camera around Durham Cathedral.


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