Word Alive and the Atonement…

Hundreds of students are returning from Word Alive, and Dan Hames reports here from the event with news of the doctrine of the atonement being brought to the fore, as it should be. Consequently, the student Word Alive track will be departing from the Spring Harvest weeks into a new Bible-focused family holiday week, with a student section running alongside it. The current site for the new week is up here.

Pierced for our Transgressions, the new book on the doctrine of penal substitution from Sach, Jeffrey, and Ovey, is already out of stock at publishers IVP having only been on sale for a month. Beginning with Moses are offering a special discount on it – it will be one of those books you’ll still appreciate having on your shelf in thirty years, I’m sure. If you haven’t checked out the site, or you’re not really sure why so much of a big fuss is being made out of what happened on the cross, then do click here. It’s packed full of info, downloadable sermons, and even some free song downloads.

HT: Dan


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