The least we can do

What can we do in response to what is happening in north Iraq? This article by Martin Saunders lists 6 practical steps, including pray. On praying, check out this page exploring how and what to pray.

One of the steps Saunders lists is writing to your MP. My mate Chris sent this letter, below. Why not use it as a guide?

Steadfast Reflections

Below is a letter I have emailed to my MP concerning the horrific situation in Iraq. When did you send yours?


Dear Ms Villiers,

I write as a constituent in Chipping Barnet. I live in N14. The matter which I wish to raise with you might seem at first to be too distant and remote from north London as something with which you should be concerned. Indeed, given the way in which this issue has been almost entirely absent from governmental and media output until the last few days, it seems as though many do consider it to be relatively insignificant.

However, as major media institutions and commentators are belatedly beginning to realize, there is a terrifying crisis taking place in the Middle East. The Islamic State (‘IS’, formerly ‘ISIS’) in Syria and Iraq has been, over many months but particularly intensely in the last month or so, sweeping…

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