Biblical Dating…

Have been listening to an online audio discussion from 9marks with Al Mohler, Josh Harris, and co., talking about Biblical dating, marriage, courtship, singleness, etc. Refreshing stuff – thinking about the local church’s role in training men and women up to be husbands and wives, growing them up in Christ.

There’s definitely a lot of thinking going about that encourages the sort of consumer-relationship regarding the opposite sex. In our Augustine lecture yesterday we learnt that A thought that remaining celibate was the ultimate self-denial. He had a mistress and a concubine, yet thought ultimate self-denial was celibacy. Thank God that’s not the case! In fact Paul writes in Ephesians that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her… (Eph 5.25).

Ultimate self-denial! Loving one person as my own body, for if I love her I love myself. That’s pretty cool huh! Pretty hard work too.

They also talked a lot about unrealistic expectations, distorted by culture’s obsession with the cover model.

Written by Robin Ham