The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (3/8/19)

Seven up…

1) Tim Farron – Keswick Lecture 2019 – I didn’t get to hear this live, but I’m told it’s a must-watch. Former leader of the Lib Dems speaks about how we live as Christians in our culture.

2) On Daughters and Dating: How to Intimidate Suitors – Loved this piece from Jen Wilkin, responding to a recent viral ‘Application to Date My Daughter’ email.

3) Five ways the gospel shapes our approach to sexual abuse – Really helpful starter piece on this importance issue.

4) On Caution and Keeping: Friends Reflect on Joshua Harris’s Deconversion – Some reflections on responding to the recent statements from Joshua Harris. Stephen McAlpine also muses on how the testimonies of those moving away from orthodox Christianity are often portrayed as a ‘salvation story’.

5) Wading through Suffering – In this Twitter thread, my friend Chris Stead passes on some sage and simple advice for Christians going through suffering.

6) Your Kids Can’t Get a New Father But You Can Get a New Phone – Honest observations on the challenges of days off in pastoral ministry – and one practical step to protect them.

7) Photographer Quietly Captures Museum Goers Who Accidentally Match the Artwork – This is neat and, hey it’s summer, so let’s throw in another. This is what happens when a special effects editor has too much time on their hands and loves their son.

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Written by Robin Ham