A not even vaguely original idea from Bish and Ed, but still a good way of learning to count my blessings and give Him due praise! Seven blessings from the last seven days.

1. Dialogue Suppers: Really good times with Marcus, Nat, Matt & Josh. Stereotypes broken down. Christians getting together to put on events. Fajitas. Being forced to think.
2. Housetime: Time with the boys. And a few hours spent painting a seven metre long banner, all in the name of…
3. …Marriage: Joel got down on one knee to ask Naomi to marry him. She said yes! And our ‘Will you marry me?’ banner got unfurled along the cliffs of the Kent coast. A pleasure to see mates meet and plan to marry.
4. Romans 3.21-26: Time to sit down with the guys at RML and see Jesus’ cross in all its glory – the perfect solution to a massive problem. God Propitiated. I’m Redeemed and Justified.
5. Being at Home: Good to get the train up to Wirral, chill out and see the folks and be together, as well as missed merciless banter with JR and Conners.
6. Real Ale and a good chat: Talking through the challenges and opportunites of being a Christian in the workplace over a sweet pint with Phil. Is there a better way to end a busy day?
7. The Essential Mix: the clue was in the name. Lots of Bond-related banter, tourist-manipulating missions, and a brilliant time with Gwilym Davies getting us to think about what it means for us to be God’s new creation people.

Written by Robin Ham