Steak Pie and a Dissertation…

Dinner this evening was the aforementioned Steak Pie. It had been billed as something special over the last few months, and finally my housemate came up with the goods. It was impressive. There’s some English expression about biting off more than you can chew, which is my subtle link from steak pie to how I currently feel about my dissertation. I picked up some cheap book from Oxfam today, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day. It’s a catchy title and, fair play, it did the trick and I handed over my money. It’s fairly interesting so far, pretty light, unlike my dissertation which is currently of microscopic proportions.

Apparently it’s no coincidence that today is Valentine’s Day, as ‘writing a dissertation is very much like being in a long-term relationship: there are likely to be some very good times and some perfectly dreadful ones, and it’s a big help if you like what you’ve chosen.‘ Very nice. Also worked out that dissertations don’t buy you chocolates on Feb 14th.

Thankfully I’m not regretting what I’ve chosen, it’s just I wish I’d treated her better over the last few months. Roughly speaking I’m comparing the nature of biblical interpretation in the writings of John Calvin and Graeme Goldsworthy. Calvin, you’ll probably be aware, was a sixteenth-century French Reformer, and Goldsworthy is still alive, Australian, and has written a handful of quality books on how the Bible fits together. I could think of much worse things to spend 12,000 words and goodness knows how many hours on. I’ve got until April to put in some serious hours reading and writing, so today’s a wake-up-and-smell-the-steak-pie day.

Written by Robin Ham