App Review: The Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids comes from the team behind the hugely popular YouVersion Bible app and seeks to engage children with Bible stories at an ‘age-appropriate level’.

In essence it is a free eye-catching library of Bible stories, with the option of engaging narration and connected activities for each story. The stats speak for themselves: the Bible App for Kids has over 70 million downloads worldwide.

Upon opening, the app presents as a chronological game-style map, with very easy-to-use navigation that sees users select a Bible story to read. Users download the story within the app and then can read/ hear the story, accompanied with colourful illustrations.

Woven into the stories are varying activities and incentives for reading. Some stories have animated touch-screen interactive elements (e.g. tap the soldier to cut Samson’s hair). There are also various collectable items throughout the stories, such as items related to a particular story, e.g. the Armour of God, or stars that are gained upon answering a question after each story.

Just like many paper ‘children’s Bibles’, the app doesn’t cover the whole of Scripture, but does offer an impressive 41 stories and manages to convey a sense of the overall story of the Bible and the centrality of the gospel message too.

The app could be utilised in children’s ministry, play a part in family devotions, or be read alone by a child. The different features mean that a three- or four-year-old would be engaged, but eight to 11s are likely to find it stimulating and informative too. Incredibly, the app also offers a range of over 60 languages.

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Written by Robin Ham