Brew & Chew: Learning to Pray with Jesus Week 1

Brew & Chew began back in Lockdown 1.0, to help create rhythms of grace in disorientated days. Now that the UK has entered a second lockdown, a few people asked if we might kickstart it again.

Given that a number of national church leaders had called for us to make November a month of prayer for our nation, letting Jesus teach us to pray from the Lord’s Prayer, seemed a natural place to land.

The idea is to grab a brew and have a chew on God’s word together. While on one level it’s a ‘broadcast’, by streaming live on FB, it gives space for interaction, comments, and a sense of people journeying together.


‘Our Father’


‘Hallowed be Your Name’


‘Your Kingdom Come’


‘Your Will Be Done’



You can listen along by following Grace Church Barrow on Facebook.

Written by Robin Ham